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    Tam members continue to be amongst the biggest supporters of CurlON's 50-50 lottery, spending $1,170 on tickets in May, 2nd highest of all the Clubs in Ontario. But, turns out that the winner of the $13,610 jackpot in the May 15 CurlON 50-50 lottery was from the St. Catherines Curling Club. Here is a link to the results from the CurlOn website

    The 4th CurlON lottery of the 2020-2021 season is now underway. This next jackpot will be awarded on June 15 with prizes of $500 each week leading up to the final draw. So, don't miss out on your chance at this jackpot. And buy your tickets early in order that you not miss out on the weekly $500 prizes, all while continuing to support youth curling. We haven't won any of the prizes yet, so we're way overdue. Remember, by not buying any tickets, you are increasing the odds that someone else will win instead of you. You don't want that to happen, do you?

    Here's that link to the Tam specific sales site.

    Tam Heather SALES LINK:

    Thanks to everyone who has already purchased and GOOD LUCK.


    Please take a moment to read the email below from the Ontario Tennis Association and consider signing the petition(s) provided in support of reopening outdoor activities (tennis, golf, camping, etc.) There is an abundance of evidence that a strong immune system is the best defence against COVID, or any other sickness for that matter. Exercise is a critical contibutor to a healthy immune system. So, where better to get that exercise than outside.


    P.S. And once the outdoor facilities are reopened, hopefully the indoor ones won't be too far behind.

    April 19, 2021
    Hello OTA Member Club Executives;
    Followup/Reminder from note sent April 18 
    In light of the announcement from the Province of Ontario on Friday, April 16 in which the government decided to force the closure of tennis facilities across the province, the OTA issuesd the following statement to the Province of Ontario.
    While the Ontario Tennis Association supports the Province of Ontario in it’s fight to control the spread of the Covid-19 virus, we respectfully ask that it reconsiders its decision with regard to the closing of the province’s tennis facilities. In light of overwhelming evidence from the medical community that pursuing outdoor activities while practicing safe physical distancing is safer than remaining indoors when it comes to the spread of the virus; and given that the province’s tennis clubs and academies have excelled in enforcing Covid-19 protocol in the past 12 months, the Association feels that the Province of Ontario should reverse its decision to force the closure of the province’s tennis facilities ASAP.
    To that end, one of our member club Presidents, Mr. David Harris from Club de tennis Orléans Tennis Club, has started an on-line petition also requesting that the Province reverses its decision with respect to tennis facilities. The OTA endorses the petition and would like to ask you to consider e-signing the on-line petition here and also send the link to your club's players for their consideration. Thanks to those clubs and facilities that have already done so.
    I would like to thank Mr. Harris on behalf of the OTA, for his efforts in spearheading this important initiative.
    In addition, the OTA has been made aware of two additional petitions with similar sports and health messaging that you might also want to sign and forward to your membership, here and here.
    The OTA feels that the most effective way to encourage the Province to reverse its decision is to show a united voice from the province’s tennis community.
    Thank you in advance for your support with this matter.
    James Boyce
    President and CEO
    Ontario Tennis Association
    1 Shoreham Dr., Suite 200
    Toronto, ON
    M3N 3A7

    FacilitiesBannerCondensedThe Tam Heather club is available for private rentals. Both the upper and lower lounges may be booked for special events such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, meetings or dances.

    Rocks.and.Canada.Broom.2x1Thinking of trying the sport of curling?

    Curling is a unique sport that requires both skill and strategy. It is often referred to as chess on ice. It is a lifelong sport that can be learned at any age. Whether playing in a fun league or in a competitive ladder the emphasis is always on sportsmanship and fair play. Being a social sport by nature, it is not uncommon for teams to socialize off the ice where lasting friendships are often made.

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