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AGM Agenda Reminder

Another gentle reminder that we have TWO meetings being held on Monday September 25, 2023 in the Upper Lounge at Tam. Below is a slightly revised combined agenda for both meetings.

6:30PM Bar Open
7:00PM Special General Meeting to update the Constitution
7:30PM Annual General Meeting

Please join us and bring your Tam friends for a bit of a social and a bit of business. As the bar is open, it would only be appropriate to have FREE munchies.

If you are unable to attend these meetings, please cast your vote on-line.

Thanks, and Regards
Erwin Psotka

 Agenda for Special General Meeting and Annual General Meeting of

Tam Heather Curling and Tennis Club

Held Monday September 25, 2023, starting 7:00 PM

In the Upper Lounge of Tam Heather Curling and Tennis Club

Please sign-in and receive your election ballot for voting for the

  1. Vice President, and
  2. Tennis Liaison

Special General Meeting for Tam Heather Curling and Tennis Club (7:00PM to 7:30PM)

  • Overview and Mandate of Constitutional Review Committee including thank you to committee members
  • Review of Motion 1
  • Review of Motion 2
  • Questions from Floor
  • Adjournment / short break before start of next meeting

Annual General Meeting for Tam Heather Curling and Tennis Club (approx. 7:30PM)

  • If you have not already signed in, please sign-in and receive your election ballot for voting for the
    1. Vice President, and
    2. Tennis Liaison
  • Approval of previous AGM meeting minutes from Sept 26, 2022
    • Business arising from previous minutes
  • Introduction of the two Candidates running for Vice President (comments from Candidates 3 min each)
    • Dan Lang
    • Don Richard
  • Introduction of the three Candidates running for Tennis Liaison (comments from Candidates 3 min each)
    • Morteza Alabaf
    • Ian Ferguson
    • Saravan Subramaniam
  • Time to vote via a secret ballot for both positions
    • Ballots to be counted while the rest of the meeting is happening
    • The above sign-in registration will be checked against who voted by email. If you are present at the AGM, your vote at the AGM will nullify your email vote.
  • Annual Reports:
    • President
    • Treasurer
    • House and Maintenance
    • Membership
    • Curling Liaison
    • Tennis Liaison
    • Tam Heather General Manager

Questions can be asked after each presentation above

  • Election Results
    • for Vice President
    • for Tennis Liaison
  • Motion from the Floor for any Candidates willing to stand for election as the Director at Large
    • Election, if needed, by a show of hands
  • Motion for absolution of the Board
  • Any remaining questions
  • Adjournment

Click HERE to download a PDF copy of the combined agenda

Club Information

Tam Heather, or the “Tam” as we call it, is an active friendly club located in the Morningside and 401 community of Scarborough. Tam Heather opened in 1973 as a curling club with eight sheets of ice, then two years later in 1975, the club expanded by adding five tennis courts, three of which were covered in the winter with a bubble. Thirty four years later, in 2009, a four court year-round covered structure was built.

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