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Volunteer Positions for TAM

Last Call for Nominations to the Board of Directors

To date, we have received the names of several individuals interested in joining the Board. To that end, it appears we may be having an election for the two available board positions, namely Tennis Liaison and Vice President. This election would be held at the TAM Annual General Meeting in September.

If anyone is interested in either of these positions, please contact the Nominations Committee through the office before June 30, 2023, at which point Board nominations will close.

Volunteer Positions

Volunteering on any of our committees is an excellent way to meet other like-minded people, gain an understanding of TAM governance, and helps us share the responsibilities amongst more of our members. If you are willing to help, please contact Tony or Jason in the office who will direct you to a standing committee chair or either the Tennis or Curling Liaison Directors.

If you are not interested in either the Tennis Liaison or the Vice President positions, noted above, but would like to help, there are many volunteer positions here at TAM. We are always looking for representatives of the Tennis and Curling Leagues to join the Tennis Committee and Curling Committee respectively, plus there are numerous standing or ad-hoc committees of the board you could join.

Club Information

Tam Heather, or the “Tam” as we call it, is an active friendly club located in the Morningside and 401 community of Scarborough. Tam Heather opened in 1973 as a curling club with eight sheets of ice, then two years later in 1975, the club expanded by adding five tennis courts, three of which were covered in the winter with a bubble. Thirty four years later, in 2009, a four court year-round covered structure was built.

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