garlandChristmas Is a month away and I know everyone is making big dinner plans.  Neil and I are preparing the Traditional Tourtiere along with Beef/Cheese Lasagna for the festive season.  Everyone enjoyed last season so much that we are planning to prepare more.

    tortiereSO ORDER EARLY $22 each lasagna slice

    Email your selection & quantities DIRECTLY TO: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    christmas dinnerchef santa

    If you are in a bind for cooking this season, let us cook your turkey dinner.  For $25 per person you will receive roast turkey with herb stuffing, whipped potatoes, green beans almandine, and honey glazed carrots with sides of turkey gravy and cranberry sauce. 

    Orders must be in by Dec 13th for us to do proper ordering and preparation 

    Payment Options: CASH upon pick up or E-TRANSFER prior to pick up to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    I’d also like to thank everyone who donated to Movember  

    I am slowly reaching my goal of $1000. Your donation will help further the science for the second most common cancer among men.

    movenber foundation

    thomas greenwood oshawa on obituaryWe regret to inform you of the recent passing of Tom Greenwood on Wednesday, November 10, 2021 at 86 years of age. Tom and his late wife, Shirley, were both long-time members of Tam Heather.


    Additional details are available at

    1) Tennis Bell

    I’m sure you have all noticed the absence of the bell lately. The controller that manages when the bell rings needs replacing and, although we’ve obtained the replacement part, programming it properly is proving a challenge. So, until the bell is back and operational, please be reminded to enter and exit the courts as if the bell was still sounding.

    • Players should stop play 5 minutes before the hour. This does not mean finishing the game first. It means stop playing, exit the playing area, put on your mask, change clothes, pack up your belongings, and vacate the court, all before the top of the hour. 5 minutes should be plenty of time. Players should not still be on the court, playing or picking up balls, or still sitting on the chairs when the hour changes. They should be on their way out of the dome by that time.
    • Players waiting to play should not start making their way to their court until the clock reaches the hour mark. even if you see that the previous players have vacated and your court is empty. Wait for the hour to change.

    2) Tracing tablet and QR codes

    Now that you all have your QR code and are getting used to scanning it every time you enter the dome, we are going to change things. We expect to finally reopen the west entrance to the clubhouse next week, which means we have to start collecting tracing information for 3 entrances (west entrance to clubhouse, east entrance to clubhouse, entrance to tennis dome), instead of just 2. This presents a problem because we only have 2 tablets. Given that we can obtain the necessary tracing information for the tennis dome from Gametime, we’ve decided to use both tablets for the clubhouse entrances. I know how disappointing this must be for you, not having to scan your QR code anymore when you enter the dome. If you really miss it too much, you are more than welcome to come up to the east clubhouse entrance and scan your code, just for old times sake.

    P.S. Don’t misplace your QR code, just in case we manage to acquire another tablet. And please be sure to record all players when reserving your court in Gametime. Even in situations where you alone are paying the full price of the court (i.e. not sharing), you must record the names of all players.

    Once again the government has changed the rules, this time with respect to cross border travellers. As some of you may be planning to travel, here are the new screening requirements that you need to be mindful of in deciding when to return to the Club:


    1. Do you have any of the following new or worsening symptoms or signs?
      1. Fever or chills
      2. Cough
      3. Trouble breathing
      4. Decrease or loss of taste or smell
      5. Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea (age <18 only)
      6. Very tired, sore muscles or joints* (age 18+ only)

    If you have an existing health condition that gives you the symptoms, select “No,” unless the symptom is new, different or getting worse. If mild tiredness, sore muscles or joints occur within 48 hours after getting a COVID-19 vaccine, select “No” and continue to follow all public health measures. If symptoms last longer than 48 hours or worsen, select “Yes”.


      1. Has a doctor, health care provider, public health unit, or Canadian Border Services Agency told you that you should currently be isolating (staying at home)?  This can be because of an outbreak, contact tracing, or travel outside of Canada in the last 14 days.


      1. Do you live with someone who has been told by a doctor, health care provider, or public health unit that they should currently be isolating? If you are fully vaccinated or have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 90 days and since been cleared, select “No.”


    If you responded “Yes” to any of these 3 questions, DO NOT ENTER.

    Developed in accordance with recommendations and instructions issued by the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health for Ontario

    Once upon a time, long, long ago, we used to mail out the monthly statements. In an effort to save on postage, we started asking members to pick up their statements in the office whenever they were at the Club. We would just put them all in a box in the office in alphabetical order and the members would come in and pick it up. Anybody who wasn’t on pre-authorized payment would usually pay at the same time and even give us back the envelope. This process worked great until COVID came along and messed things up royally.

    We are currently very shorthanded in the office, resulting in the office not being open most evenings or on weekends, the times when the largest number of members frequent the Club. This makes it difficult for many members to pick up their statements. As well, for the sake of people’s health, we don’t want everyone picking through everyone else’s envelopes trying to find theirs. So, the old process needed to be replaced.

    Many of our members like the convenience of being on pre-authorized payment, meaning their statement balance is charged to their credit card on or about the 20th of each month. They can then pick up their statement any time after the 20th. Many don’t even bother to pick up their statements regularly. In these instances, their statements just accumulate for when they do decide to pick them up. Anyone not currently on pre-authorized payment is encouraged to consider signing up. What could be easier? Here is a link to the form. Just fill it out and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or drop it off in the office.

    Pre-authorization form

    For anyone not on pre-authorized payment, here are your statement pickup options. The statements for October are now available for pickup. When the office is open, just come to the office window. And when the office is closed, your statement will be available for pickup at the bar. If you are picking up your statement at the bar, we ask that you time your pickup strategically (i.e. please don’t ask for your statement when the bar is busy).

    Payment can be made over the phone via credit card, even if you haven’t yet picked up your statement. When you call to pay, please choose extension 5 to speak to Hanadi. If Hanadi doesn’t answer, please leave her a message and she will call you back. Anyone wanting to pay in person will still need to come to the office during the day when it is open, at least until such time as we are able to hire an evening office person. Cheques sent in the mail also still work if that’s your preference.

    We are also working with our Point of Sale provider to allow members to pay their statement balances on-line via credit card; but this option is not quite ready yet.

    Thank you for your patience and your payments.


    We held off on taking payments at time of registration because we wanted to be absolutely sure that the winter tennis and curling season was going to start. And it looks like all that hoping and praying and finger-crossing has paid off. So with things looking very optimistic for the 2021-2022 season, we sent out a request back at the beginning of October asking members to proceed with paying.

    If you’ve already paid at least a portion of your membership, we thank you and you can ignore the rest of this message. If you haven’t yet made a payment or partial payment, we’d very much appreciate you doing so.

    The easiest way to pay is by logging onto the Tam website at, just as you did to register. Once you log in, click on the Registration menu item. Click on the purple icon; curling or tennis, whichever is appropriate. This will take you to the payment screen where you will be able to pay with your credit card. You will notice that we are offering a two (2) payment option on most memberships again this season, allowing you to pay 50% now and the remainder in the New Year. If you prefer to pay the full amount, that option is also available.

    Payment can also still be made with debit, cheque or cash, but requires that you come into the office to do so.


    Welcome back Tam members.  It has been trying times for everyone and I’m confident that we are heading in the right direction. 

    Members have been wondering about our kitchen scheduling.  Now that the Club has moved to full capacity, we can provide food service before & after your scheduled games from the Window Menu only.  Hours of operation will be from 9am-7:30pm Sunday to Friday.  Once Toronto Health gives the go ahead and removes the table arrangement restriction, Tam Kitchen Sunday Dinner will resume.

    At the moment we are under staffed with only Velicia and I working, so please be patient.  Since we are short staffed the kitchen is looking for responsible students who are interested in casual part time work. They should be available to work some after school shifts, some weekends for special events, and Sunday dinners when required. If there are any members who would like their children to gain paid work experience Contact Damiano at the club or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    movenber foundation

    The month of November is MOVEMBER and, for the 11th year, I will be participating and my goal is to raise $1000.  Anyone wanting to donate for Prostate Cancer can do so by going online to Movember - Donate enter Damiano Sartor or leave the donation in the MOVEMBER JAR at the Tam Kitchen Window. 

    It will be only a matter of time before we get back to a new normal so stay safe and play on.

    club sandwich

    The bell rule also seems to be causing some confusion. We’ve made a change this season. But, it’s pretty simple. Whether your league is attempting to play 8 ends or 6, when the bell sounds, you should finish the end you are playing, and no more. Unlike 2019-2020 when we had a 25 minute bell that allowed you to finish the end you were in, plus one more, this season we are using a 10 minute bell. Do not start a new end after the bell sounds. Just finish the end you are playing.

    Which invariably prompts the question, when is a new end considered to have started. The first rock of the new end must have been delivered and crossed the delivering end t-line before the bell sounds for an end to be considered to have started before the bell.

    To those who haven’t yet peaked behind the tarps covering the glass end of sheet H and the west ends of our upper and lower lounges, the elevator work is almost complete. It should have been finished more than a month ago, but … you know how these things go … deadlines are only estimates. The contractor is waiting for delivery of the railing for the stairs down to the ice and a railing for the handicap ramp from the west parking lot. They are also waiting for carpeting for the ice walkway and new flooring for the base of the west stairs and around the elevator in the lower lounge. These materials are expected to arrive this week and, once installed, the tarps will come down. Which doesn’t mean the elevator will be operational, because there are still a couple of major issues there that need resolution.

    Although Monday’s removal of the capacity limits is certainly welcome news, we will need to wait a bit longer to see the full extent of the change here at Tam. For starters, the removal of the capacity limits isn’t as good as it sounds because the Province did not also remove the requirement that table arrangements be 2 metres apart. As a result, we can’t add any more tables in the upper lounge. So, where we used to have 16 tables of 8, plus additional tables in the dining area, we now only have 8 tables of 8. We could resume squeezing 8 people around a single table instead of 8 around a pair of tables, but feedback has indicated that members prefer the additional spacing when seated at the tables.

    So, the good news is that we no longer need to worry about exceeding the government-mandated capacity limits during draw changes. But, until the construction is finished in the upper lounge and we are able to add some more tables, we will continue to ask that you access the ice from the lower level.

    By all means, please resume coming to the club before your game and enjoying a pre-game meal and/or beverage. Damiano and Karen would really appreciate the increased business. But please allow time to finish and proceed downstairs to change and then access the ice from downstairs.  

    Hello Everyone,

    Who knew that there could be so much confusion over sweeping? This subject came up at a meeting of the GTA Curling Club managers yesterday and one of the managers summed it up as a “S*** show. Everybody is just doing what they want.” She was afraid it was going to result in fisticuffs, and we all know that fisticuffs is contradictory to COVID social distancing guidelines. So what do we do if there’s an issue these days, we fix it with protocols. So, here they are, the new protocols for sweeping. These are based primarily on the most current protocols published by Curling Canada and CurlON, with a few clarifications.

    1. Sweeping is only permitted between the T-lines
    2. If you are sweeping a rock and trying to freeze on a rock behind the t-line, you must stop sweeping at the t-line and hope that you’ve swept hard enough to that point to get it all the way back to the opponent’s rock
    3. One sweeper from the delivering team per shot, no other sweepers from any team at any point during the shot.
    4. No relaying
    5. The player in charge of the house, typically the Skip or Vice, may not sweep the delivered stone or any other stones (both colours) set in motion by the delivering team
    6. In the event of a hack weight takeout, the player in charge of the house is not allowed to sweep the opposing team’s rock out after it is tapped and crosses the t-line

    There is also some uncertainty about where to stand when your team is not delivering.

    1. Curlers should remain on the same side of the sheet between shots. Please refer to Curling Canada’s diagram posted on the windows behind the sheets. In-ice decals have been installed on the sheets to indicate where to stand when your team is not delivering.
    2. Although we are fortunate enough to have spacious walkways along the backboards at the window end of the sheet, we ask that you please refrain from congregating there to await your turn.

    distancing illustrationsCheers,


    Hello Mixed curlers,

    The Mixed team lists and schedule have been loaded on the Tam website. Log in using the Username and Password you used to register and find it all under Curling Info > Teams & Schedule


    Listing of all the teams and players.
    Clicking on a player's name allows you to send them an email.
    See ALL games, not just your own, sorted by date.
    There are 3 groupings:
    Upcoming – future games
    Awaiting Results – games in the past without a score
    Played – games with results posted
    Your team's games are highlighted in yellow. 
    Vice/Skip can enter/edit results of their games by clicking on the dropdown arrow between the team names. Only one team needs to enter the results of the game (i.e. the vice of the winning team).Standings
    Up-to-date standings, assuming all game results have been input by the Vices/Skips.
    Pretty self-explanatory.
    My Games
    This will show all of YOUR games by league. 
    Find Spares
    Lists of spares for the various leagues with the ability to send an email to players on the list
    PDF copies of the Schedule
    Schedule of the full draw by Division (like the one sent out by the drawmaster)

    Reminder (of particular note to new members): You will notice that only the Mixed and Day Ladies info appears here. To make a long story short; we have 2 websites. You will find the Mixed and Day Ladies information here at For the Men's and Business Women, go to A lot of work has gone into developing both these websites over the years, which is the main reason we still have both. Someday we'll combine them, maybe.

    Hello Everyone,

    We have seen almost everyone’s Proof of Vaccination, but with the weather still conducive to playing outside, some members still haven’t yet played their first game indoors at Tam. I’m sure you can appreciate that the Club cannot have someone constantly manning the entrance from 7:00am to 10:00pm every day. We did man the door for all utilized court times during the first week of the season in order to cover all the leagues and Block Bookings, and then off and on when we realized that the schedules were such that not everyone played that first week. That allowed us to verify the vaccination proof of the majority of members, but not all.

    Recognizing how important it is to many of our members to know that everyone has provided proof that they are fully vaccinated, we will be scheduling times during which those members who have not yet shown us their Proof of Vaccination will be asked to come to the Club and show us their proof. In this way, we hope to attain 100% verification. 

    At the following dates/times, there will be a staff member in the vestibule of the dome. 

    • Wed. Oct 20    9:30 to 11:00am
    • Wed. Oct 20    4:00 to 5:00pm
    • Wed. Oct 20    7:00 to 8:00pm
    • Thurs. Oct 21    9:30 to 10:30am
    • Thurs. Oct 21    7:00 to 8:00pm

    To anyone who has not yet shown us their proof of full vaccination, we ask that you plan on coming during one of these scheduled times with your Proof of Vaccination and personal ID, as well as your QR code. If you have not received your QR code (via an email from CurlON), please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. requesting it be resent.

    Your assistance with completing this verification effort is appreciated.


    The Ice Book that, for years, resided on the desk beside the door leading out to the back deck is now online. It still looks the same, but you’ll now need your computer, tablet or smartphone to look at it. And the request sheets have been replaced with an on-line request form that you will submit instead of stuffing the handwritten paper version into the locked box.

    So, here’s how it works.

    Step 1 – Go to the Tam website at and log in using the same Username and Password that you used when you registered for this season.


    Step 2 – Hover your cursor over the “Ice Booking” icon. Then select “View Ice Book” from the resultant drop down. This menu item will onlly be visible to registered curling members.

    Step 3 – View the Ice Book by clicking on the most current file from the listing. If we’re doing a good job of file maintenance, there should only be one file each day. But, if you see more than one file, just select the first one as that should be the newest version.


    Step 4 – Scroll through the file looking for a date/time that you would like to book.

    Step 5 - Close the Ice Book file in order to return to the screen containing the ice request option. This is the Registration section and appears on the same screen as the Ice Book file(s), just further down the screen. Your contact information will be automatically populated from your profile. If any of this information is incorrect, please go to your profile and update it.

    Step 6 – Populate all the required fields (i.e. Purpose, Date, Time, Sheet).

    If you are requesting ice for a Make-up Game, you will also be prompted for the names of the Teams involved.

    There is a “Request Information” section for requesting ice for practice or a make-up game.

    There is a “Cancel Information” section further down for cancelling ice you will not be using.

    After filling out all the required fields, click the purple “Process Registration” icon at the bottom of the page to submit your request.


    Additional information:

    • The Ice Book will be updated every day during the week around mid-afternoon. If you want to verify that you got the sheet you requested, please don’t email or phone the office. Just wait for the next version of the Ice Book to appear and you will see your request reflected. You will only be contacted if there is a problem with your request.
    • Practice ice can only be requested up to a maximum of one week in advance of the date being booked. There is no such limit on Make-up games.
    • When requesting a make-up game, you should also cancel the sheet you are rescheduling in order that it be made available to others. This requirement is intended to discourage the practice of requesting multiple sheets in order to present multiple options for your opposition to choose from. In a perfect world of unlimited ice, this would not be an issue. But make-up and practice ice is limited and reserving multiple sheets “on speculation” like this keeps these sheets from being available to others.
    • Be sure to use this process to cancel any sheets you will not be using. Jason doesn’t want to have to reinstate “The Black List” (names of members who repeatedly did not cancel their sheets resulting in the ice being prepped for use and then sitting empty).




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