Free Agent List Reminder!!

    The curling season is just around the corner!

    For members looking to join a team…

    If you are looking to join a team - let everyone know! Tam is starting to put teams together for the upcoming season.

    Sign up NOW in the Free Agent section of the website. Log into your account on the website and navigate to the GameCentre

    This is different from sparing availability; the free agent listing is intended for curlers who want to join a team for the season.

    In the Free Agent section, you will see a list of leagues that have team entries. Follow directions to add your name to the list, and your preferred position(s).

    If you find a team, please remember to remove your name from the Free Agent list.

    And for teams looking for players…

    Check the Free Agent listing frequently. It’s a great way to recruit a new member to your team!