Terry Repol - Health Update

    With great sadness, I am passing along some news on behalf of my Dad, Terry.

    He was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of ALS in February of this year. Specifically Bulbar ALS. In the last few months, his health has deteriorated rapidly; and he is unable to speak, swallow and is in tremendous pain. He will be receiving MAID (Medically Aided Dying) this Thursday at noon, with Suzanne, Meaghan, and I at his side. While we are devastated to be losing him, we are so grateful for the incredible staff at the ALS clinic at Sunnybrook who have been so kind through his diagnosis and treatment. We are also very relieved that he won’t have continue to suffer. He promised he would hang on, so long as his quality of life was greater than the pain he was in and unfortunately, the pain is too great for him to continue. As I’m writing this, Suzanne is at the hospital with him with some acute pain he couldn’t tolerate this morning, likely related to the feeding tube he recently had installed. As always, she is at his side through the worst of things, and I could never articulate what that means to Meaghan and I. Because of Covid, we haven’t been able to be here as often as we would have liked, but we knew he was being cared for. I know he was also well entertained by Mark and Mary, who became the only people besides Suzanne to see him regularly through Covid. The Repol family has been able to visit again; and I know how much it means to Dad, Dave, and Janice. Also his own grandchildren, he has said how much he will miss his girls. They will miss him just as much. We all will.

    He has written about his life, his cars, jobs, hobbies, friends, and his family. If you would like to read in his words, what has meant the most to him, please look at the website my daughter Kayla prepared for him to share. There is a page where you can share memories and pictures. There is also a straight to pdf version if you wanted to print it off to read on actual paper. Life and Times of Terry Repol

    He wanted to make sure he thanked all his friends, co-workers, and family for their parts in his life, and asked me to send out this email. I know he’s most saddened to be leaving Suzanne behind, but Meg and I will make sure she’s not alone. We’ve both got incredible support at home, which we will be relying on heavily over the next little while, and we are incredibly grateful for. He has made sure to impress upon us the importance of being happy in your own life, so you can never sit at the end of it and wish for anything more. When he was first diagnosed, I asked if there was anything on his bucket list he wanted to do, anywhere he wanted to go. He said that there was nothing left, he’d done it all, and had probably driven a sports car to it...

    I’ve cc’d my email address, in case there is anyone who would like to be included in the celebration of his life that will be upcoming. He will also be able to hopefully see any responses over the next couple of days, but I suspect his priority will be spending time with Sue and seeing family. I hope I’ve included everyone from his contact list who should be seeing this (I’ve left the list closed as to not share everyone’s email address publicly) please pass this along to whomever you like.

    Please keep him, and us in your thoughts this week.