Tam Heather Curling will be Reopening Jan 31

    We are pleased to inform you that Tam Heather is scheduled to re-open for curling on Monday Jan. 31, 2022.

    Please review the important information below in order to assist in a safe and smooth transition back to play.

    • All members are now required to provide proof of vaccination using Government QR code, CurlON QR code, matching Government ID, and answer screening questions EVERY time they enter the club. This is a change as of Jan 4, 2022, and was mandated by the Province of Ontario.
    • If you are experiencing ANY Covid symptoms, no matter how minor, please do not come to the club.
    • Please do not show up to the club any earlier than 30 minutes prior to draw time. All members MUST enter the building via the East entrance, all other entrances will remain closed at this time.
    • Wearing a mask will remain each member's individual choice while on the ice. Masking will still be required while moving around the club. Masks can be removed while seated for eating and drinking.
    • All games will continue to play by the bell, this rule remains the same. This allows for the ice technicians to complete scheduled ice maintenance and sanitizing required in between draws.
    • The previous sweeping rules will also remain in place until further notice; only one sweeper permitted and no sweeping behind the tee line.

    At this time, the decision has been made to extend the current curling season until May 1, 2022. All of the updates above are subject to change, based on possible future provincial restrictions and updates.

    Staff vaccination update status:

    • Employee #1- Resigned
    • Employee #2- Laid off as of Jan. 21, 2022.
    • Employee # 3- First Covid vaccine dose completed, waiting for second dose appointment.

    CurlON recommendations to note and consider below:

    *CurlON strongly endorses one sweeper, no sweeping in the house and the use of masks at all times during the first re-opening phase. We all want to get back to sport but the spread of the virus is real and should be a priority for all who want to return and enjoy our sport for the remainder of this season.

    The Board of Directors & Jason Leneeuw