To all Mixed curlers

    Hello Mixed curlers,

    The Mixed team lists and schedule have been loaded on the Tam website. Log in using the Username and Password you used to register and find it all under Curling Info > Teams & Schedule


    Listing of all the teams and players.
    Clicking on a player's name allows you to send them an email.
    See ALL games, not just your own, sorted by date.
    There are 3 groupings:
    Upcoming – future games
    Awaiting Results – games in the past without a score
    Played – games with results posted
    Your team's games are highlighted in yellow. 
    Vice/Skip can enter/edit results of their games by clicking on the dropdown arrow between the team names. Only one team needs to enter the results of the game (i.e. the vice of the winning team).Standings
    Up-to-date standings, assuming all game results have been input by the Vices/Skips.
    Pretty self-explanatory.
    My Games
    This will show all of YOUR games by league. 
    Find Spares
    Lists of spares for the various leagues with the ability to send an email to players on the list
    PDF copies of the Schedule
    Schedule of the full draw by Division (like the one sent out by the drawmaster)

    Reminder (of particular note to new members): You will notice that only the Mixed and Day Ladies info appears here. To make a long story short; we have 2 websites. You will find the Mixed and Day Ladies information here at For the Men's and Business Women, go to A lot of work has gone into developing both these websites over the years, which is the main reason we still have both. Someday we'll combine them, maybe.

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    There are no upcoming events requiring on-line registration