Questions delay Member Registration until August

    CurlOn recently notified member Clubs that their Ministry contacts have confirmed that capacity limits are 100% for Sport, meaning if we were to start curling today, we could run full leagues on the ice using all 8 sheets. In addition, Step 3 of the Province's 3-Step Reopening Roadmap came into effect today and allows for 50% capacity for other areas of the club, specifically the lounges. So, after-game socializing is also a go.

    This is definitely encouraging news as it answers, at least for now, one of the 3 most-asked questions, specifically “What will be the gathering limits?”

    Which brings us to the other two (2) most-asked questions for which we still do not have answers.

    Question number 2 is “Will it be a requirement that one be fully vaccinated in order to join?” The answer to this one was clarified somewhat by yesterday’s announcement by Premier Ford rejecting vaccine passports and forced vaccinations. The Canadian Curling Association has scheduled a webinar later this month where clubs will receive additional legal advice on this issue. So, more to come on this one.

    Question number 3 is “Will I have to wear a mask while curling?” This one is also unanswerable at this moment. Last season, we were required to wear masks at all times during the game as we were told that “masks prevented transmission”. This is still the contention of the Government’s health “experts”. Vaccination does not change this, as it does not prevent transmission. Some clubs adopted a less strict masking protocol on the ice last season, allowing players to lower their masks when delivering and when sweeping. CurlOn has been working on Return to Play guidelines for the upcoming season and expects to release these shortly. So, more to come on this one as well.

    Which brings me to the final question many of you have been asking; “When will on-line registration be available?” Our best guess at this point is sometime mid to late August. By then, we hope to be able to provide more details on what to expect for the upcoming season.

    So, stay tuned … much more to come.