Still Waiting...Tennis

    Th sign valentineSince Monday Nov 23, we’ve been counting down each day of each 28 day lockdown in hopes of being allowed to reopen the courts. With the COVID numbers steadily declining and most other Ontario Regions being allowed to exit the Lockdown, there were promising signs that we could be looking at reopening as soon as the 22nd. But today’s comments by Premier Ford echoed those by Mayor Tory yesterday; that if allowed to exit the Lockdown, Toronto would only transition to the Grey Zone, and in the Grey Zone sport and recreation facilities must remain closed. I can’t believe when they built Tam almost 48 years ago, that they didn’t have the foresight to think that they should be building it on the other side of the Rouge Valley. If they had, we’d be reopening our courts today.

    Back before Christmas, I mentioned in an email that, in compliance with the pre-existing tracing requirements as well as the new emphasis on pre-screening, we have installed a touchless contact tracing app and that every member will receive an email with their “QR” code. We were holding off on sending these out until we were sure about reopening. But we’re not going to wait any longer. So you should receive an email tomorrow (if all goes as planned) with your personal “QR” code. Once you receive it, you will need to decide how to best ensure you have it with you every time you come to play. If you always bring your phone with you into the dome, then scanning it from your phone will work. But if you are not in the habit of always bringing your phone with you into the dome, then you should print off a paper copy of the “QR” code and put it in your bag to bring with you when you play. Having this “QR” code to bring with you to scan when you enter will be as important as remembering to bring your racquet.

    In my last email, I also promised an update with respect to the handling of membership refunds. As the members have now missed out on more than 25% of the season, a pro-rated refund is now owed to members. At their last meeting, the Board approved not immediately issuing refunds. Rather, we will wait to see when we are allowed to reopen. When that happens, the office will calculate what portion of the season was missed and credit members’ accounts accordingly. This will allow members to use this credit to offset any court fees they incur once they resume play. If, at the end of the season, a member’s account was still in a credit position, the member will have the choice of receiving a refund or applying the credit towards next season’s membership.

    For now, let’s all keep our fingers crossed, continue to stay in form by watching the Aussie Open, practice our tennis strokes playing Wii Tennis on our Nintendo, and look forward to soon being able to return to playing for real. Red Zone here we come!!!


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