With the recent news and events worldwide in association with the CORONA VIRUS (COVID-19), the Tam Heather Curling & Tennis Club encourages all Members to be proactive with the following prevention practices:

    • Abstain from customary handshakes pre/post game. We suggest elbow bumping or a nod or use other forms of non-contact greetings.
    • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and running water.
    • Bring your own personal hand sanitizer to use. Lysol/Clorox wipes are also a good idea to wipe down rock handles. Unfortunately with all the hoarding/stockpiling that is happening, the Club’s suppliers are currently out of stock of hand sanitizer and wipes. The Club only has hand sanitizer available in the handicap and downstairs washrooms and at both ends of the tennis dome.
    • Cover your cough. When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with flexed elbow or use a tissue. Then dispose of tissue immediately.
    • Avoid touching your face.

    Stay home if you are feeling sick or have any symptoms associated with the virus.

    icon tennisSaturday, April 4th / 2020

    Toronto Ladies Summer League Division A3

    3:00 - 4:00pm


    Please refer to the OTA Player Rating Scale posted in the Vestibule

    All tennis members interested in trying out for a team or league at Tam Heather Curling &Tennis Club must attend tryouts. If you are unavailable to attend tryouts on the date posted, you must contact the team captain or league coordinator at least 3 weeks before the tryout date to arrange another tryout date.


    game boardAre you looking for a tennis game? We can help!

    Tam Heather has introduced an electronic bulletin board where you can post your availability to play and reach out to others who would also like to play.

    To view the game board, log into the Tam website and navigate to Tennis Info > Game Board.

    You can also edit your availability from this page as well as send emails.

    In air supported structures such as ours, the front door doesn't always close for a variety of reasons. When it doesn't close, an alarm sounds. We are looking at various mechanical changes/fixes that we can make to ensure the door closes properly. In the meantime though, to prevent these alarms, please be sure to always close the door behind you upon entering or exiting the dome. Your help is appreciated.

    Doug Miller
    General Manager

    Congratulations to the following winners of a pair of GSOC Players Challenge tickets.

    Tuesday April 7 7:00pm Terry Sedor 
    Wednesday April 8 8:00am Henry Lin
    Wednesday April 8 12:00pm Peter Cressatti
    Wednesday April 8 4:00pm Carol Rydzkowski
    Wednesday April 8 8:00pm Christine Hughes
    Thursday April 9 8:00am Joanne Brennan
    Thursday April 9 12:00pm Sian Heard
    Thursday April 9 4:00pm John Ellis
    Thursday April 9 8:00pm Dave Mol
    Friday April 10 8:00am Bob Griffith
    Friday April 10 12:00pm Brian Belyea
    Friday April 10 4:00pm Hamid Momeji
    Friday April 10 8:00pm Jim Elliott
    Saturday April 11 8:00am Ellie Vejdani
    Saturday April 11 12:00pm Gord Edney
    Saturday April 11 4:00pm Bill Stoveld
    Saturday April 11 8:00pm Robin Bates
    Sunday April 12 12:00pm Donna Sutton
    Sunday April 12 4:00pm Rick Mahoney

    And to everyone else, please be sure to enter promo code TCATAM when buying your tickets to get a chance to play on the GSOC ice following the Friday night draw of the 2020 Princess Auto Players’ Championship at Mattamy Athletic Centre (April 10th)

    Doug Miller

    1578484383981 Grand Slam of Curling Players Championship 2020 TCA Challenge Poster 18x24 v2If you’ve been following our blog on the Tam website, you’ll have read about the promotion that the TCA is running in conjunction with the upcoming Players Championship at the Mattamy Centre April 7 to 12. And even if you haven’t noticed it on our blog, you must have wondered why Emma Miskew is constantly standing outside our club office entrance.

    Tam Heather members should use the code TCATAM to purchase tickets to the Players' Championship in April. The club with the most tickets purchased will get a sheet of ice at Mattamy Centre (old Maple Leaf Gardens) to play a game.

    • Join the Princess Auto TCA Challenge by purchasing tickets to the 2020 Princess Auto Players’ Championship!
    • Enter promo code TCATAM when buying tickets and your team could be playing its final on Grand Slam Ice!
    • Five TCA Clubs will win a chance to play their final at Mattamy Athletic Centre following the Friday night draw of the 2020 Princess Auto Players’ Championship at Mattamy Athletic Centre (April 10th)
    • As a thank you to the TCA, Princess Auto will donate $10,000 to the TCA and Junior Curling in support of growing the game

    And as an additional thank you for participating, each club is receiving a pair of all-event passes. In past years, we’ve given one lucky winner the tickets to all 19 games; but not this year. This year we’re going to spread out the fun by drawing 19 names.

    So, our first lucky winner of 2 tickets to the 7:00pm draw on Tuesday April 7 is Terry Sedor. Congratulations!!!!

    Stay tuned, we’ll be drawing names for the rest of the tickets later this week.

    Doug Miller
    General Manager

    Sunday March 29th to Saturday April 4th, 2020



    The Tam Heather Mixed Committee Invites you to Sign Up for the Mixed Year End Closing Bonspiel


    A Celebration of Canadian Sports and Athletes

    speed camera signage small
    A friendly reminder to all members to watch their speed and be mindful of the 40 km per hour speed limit on Military Trail as it is now being enforced by speed cameras.

    team fairburn 8 enderCongratulations to Team Fairburn for scoring an eight ender in the first end of their Business Women Skips Entry game on Feb 19.

    Skip: Lorie Fairburn
    Vice: Lorna Higgins
    Second: Sharon Banwell
    Lead: Gail Cadieux

    Submitted by: Lorna Higgins

    chairs prizeWe are thrilled to announce that the Great White North "Chairs Full of Prizes" Winner was Tam’s own Mike Dadswell!

    Pictured here is Christine Hughes, accepting on Mike’s behalf, from Business Women's Division President, Nancy Killey.

    Thanks to all second place finishers for their support and to Karen for her efforts.

    statement green icon

    January member statements are now available for pickup in the office. 

    Members on preauthorized payment; please be advised that your statements will not be available until the end of the month, after your payment has been processed to your credit card. Even though you are on preauthorized payment, we ask that you pick up your statement each month.

    Office hours 
    Monday to Friday 9:00am to 7:00pm
    Sunday 11:00am to 3:00pm

    Invitational Bonspiels

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    Tam Heather - Curling & Tennis Club

    Location:  730 Military Trail Toronto, Ontario M1E 4P7

    Phone: (416) 284-9251 
    Email: [email protected]



    wheelchair accessible

    Tam Heather is fully wheelchair accessible


    Club Information

    Tam Heather, or the “Tam” as we call it, is an active friendly club located in the Morningside and 401 community of Scarborough. Tam Heather opened in 1973 as a curling club with eight sheets of ice, then two years later in 1975, the club expanded by adding five tennis courts, three of which were covered in the winter with a bubble. Thirty four years later, in 2009, a four court year-round covered structure was built.

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