Please read our COVID FAQs for Curling and Tennis

    Curling Return to Play

    We appreciate your patience as the Club has worked to develop plans for the upcoming curling season. As mentioned in past communications, certain key information has been slow to become available, but we feel we are finally in a position to proceed.

    Recent events have given rise to some concern among members, so it is important to start by assuring you that every effort is being made to ensure a safe return to play. Please take some time to read our Curling FAQ’s and Safety Measures for Curling on the Tam website.

    With these measures in place, the Board of Directors has given the go-ahead to open the Club for curling on Monday October 26 provided the following conditions are met:

    • the Club has retained at least approximately 65% membership revenue by October 5th and
    • the provincial reopening restrictions are at or better than the current conditions.

    Members must pay their fees by October 5th. Payment by this date is important as it will dictate whether or not the Club proceeds with the ice install, which takes a minimum 3 weeks before the first day of curling. If the Club doesn't achieve the 65% threshold by that date, the Board of Directors will postpone installing the ice and determine a subsequent date for reopening curling.

    Most members registered back in May. Payment can be most easily done by following that same registration process. Clicking the purple Registration icon will result in you seeing an additional purple icon “CURLING – PAY ON-LINE”. Clicking this icon will take you to a recap of your selected leagues where you will be able to make any updates to your selected leagues and/or team members. As promised in earlier communications, a new option has been added to allow members to pay their membership fees in 2 instalments; 50% now and the remaining 50% by January 15. You will see the option to “Pay Balance” or “Pay 50%” on the credit card payment screen.

    Ultimately, it is up to each member to make an informed decision. Curling isn’t an essential activity – it’s optional … fun, entertaining, helpful in making the winter months fly by, but optional. Tam Heather cannot guarantee, despite all of our efforts and desire to keep everyone safe, that COVID-19 won’t somehow enter the club and be transmitted here. Unlikely if everyone acts responsibly, but possible. Each member is responsible to assess their own risk and comfort level with curling and socializing at the Club.

    Given the importance of reaching the aforementioned 65% threshold, the Club would appreciate hearing from everyone before the October 5 deadline, either by

    1. paying your membership (our obvious preferred choice)
    2. taking out a Save My Spot membership ($85 +HST) to retain your status as a returning member for the 2021-2022 season (available at step 2 when paying, under the list of leagues), or
    3. a quick email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. just to let us know that you won’t be playing this season.