Please read our COVID FAQs for Curling and Tennis

    We can curl soon

    I.Love.Curling.1x1We have been delaying sending out another email to the members to let everyone know what to expect for the upcoming curling season in hopes that a couple of significant questions would have been answered before we did so. But given that we will soon be starting work to install the ice, we’ve decided to provide another update to fill you in on what we know at this point, as well as what we don’t.

    As many of you already know from the survey we sent out a few weeks back, the really big issue involves the interpretation of the 50 person gathering limit. Initial legal interpretations are that this means that any league can have no more than 50 members and also prevents anyone from playing in any more than one league. A couple of weeks ago, we were told by the Canadian and Ontario Curling Associations that they had been advised that members could play in multiple leagues, so long as those leagues were at the same club. Then, the next morning, we heard that Toronto Health did not agree, and we were back to a single 50 person league. This has obvious implications on a very large number of our members who play in two(2) or more or our leagues.

    We were told that the current Stage 3 framework would be updated with language to allow individuals to curl in more than one league. Just this past Friday, CurlON announced that they are ‘… working with all 27 Ontario Health Units to confirm the interpretation of "leagues" as received from the Province and included in CurlOn’s Re-openings interpretation. They have sent letters to each Health unit and will continue to work with them over the coming week(s).” This means that we need Toronto Public Health to be agreeable with this interpretation and appreciative of all the measures that our sport and the clubs are putting in place to re-open safely.

    Here is a link to the letter that was sent to the Toronto Public Health unit.

    In view of the 50 person limit and with nothing indicating that it is likely to be increased anytime soon, we are planning to reconfigure our 8 sheets down to 6. This will give a generous buffer between sheets and help with the social distancing issue.

    Another issue is length of games and the likelihood that games will have to be reduced from 8 to 6 ends in order to allow ice staff extra time to sanitize equipment and to ensure Government Health capacity guidelines are complied with during draw changes.

     And then there is the issue of masks, likely to be mandatory at all times except when seated in the lounge after your game.  

    We anticipate being able to offer bar service. We are fortunate that our upper lounge is larger than most other clubs, allowing us to space out the tables sufficiently to provide the necessary distancing, but only 4 players per table. Food availability is uncertain at this time, likely only available after your game, not before, as you won’t be able to access the upper lounge before your game. But Damiano is willing, and we are optimistic that members will show their appreciation with their patronage.

    Although many of you have registered for multiple leagues, if it turns out that we can only offer one league, you will be asked to revise your registration and, once you do, this will adjust your membership cost.

    Lastly, we will offer prorated refunds if (perish the thought) we get shut down before we at least reach the 75% point of the season. We are also working on an enhancement to the registration system that will allow members to pay their membership fees in 2 installments.

    Here is a link to a document listing our curling Safety Measures.

    I hope this helps answer some of your questions. Much more still to come.

    In closing, please register for the upcoming virtual Annual General Meeting on Monday September 28 at 7:00pm to hear more. You should have received an email on Sept 5 with a registration link. Click Here to register for the AGM, or contact the office for help with registering.

    Oh, I almost forgot. Fingers crossed, we are targeting October 19 to start league play. It’s a week later than usual, and unfortunately the 50 person limit on groups and tracing requirements will not allow for practice time beforehand, but won’t it be GREAT to throw your first perfect draw to the button, double takeout, draw to the hack, narrow takeout, or hog your first guard. I can’t wait!!! How about you?