curlingrockhandlename2As the curling world continues to manoeuvre the COVID-19 pandemic, much effort is being given to evaluate the potential for our upcoming curling season.  We continue to actively participate on inter-club conference calls and discussions; we are in regular contact with our provincial and federal partners; we have subscribed to all support opportunities possible. Your league committees continue to connect on a regular basis and the Board continues to meet monthly as planned, only virtually.

With re-opening protocols changing almost daily, the Board believes that it is much too early yet to make any sort of judgement call regarding the fall.  We understand that many of you may be anxious for an answer and we assure you that you will have one as soon as decisions are made.

A few GTA clubs have sent out surveys in an attempt to gauge the mindset of their members. A couple shared their results at the inter-club meetings and, although the comments make for interesting reading, the results just served to show how undecided people are currently. Everybodys situation is different. After reading the survey results, we decided against sending one out to Tam members as we dont see how it provides any help in deciding what we should do. Weve already done our registration, albeit without asking for payment, so we know members really, really want to be able to curl in the fall. With the way things are constantly changing though, nobody knows with any certainty what curling will look like in October, and what it looks like in late August will make all the difference in whether the Club decides on a Thanksgiving start. Only then will we be able to tell people what protocols will be imposed (masks, bar service, lockers, number of sheets, start times for games, etc.). Until then, we just dont know and a survey wont help with that.

So lets wait for the picture to hopefully become clearer. In the meantime, I encourage you to check out the CurlON website for return-to-play resources and info:

I hope everyone continues to stay safe and sound this summer and we will chat again soon.