Please write or email your MPP requesting that the Cabinet pass an order in council similar to the one passed by BC that protects the members of volunteer boards of sports organizations from being sued in claims related to COVID-19.  A template for a letter is below, and includes a link to a website listing the current members of provincial parliament. This is a critical issue that, if not resolved, will delay or even prevent our reopening. It will only take a few minutes to let your MPP know that you want them to follow the lead of their counterparts in BC in removing this roadblock to our reopening.  


Dear [your MPP]

This is a request that the Province of Ontario follow BC's example and immediately pass an order protecting sports organizations and their volunteers from any litigation resulting from COVID-19.

I live in your riding and I am a member of Tam Heather Curling and Tennis Club.

Our club is currently closed due in part to the uncertainty surrounding the club’s insurance coverage. If and/or when the club reopens, it intends to follow provincial and municipal public health guidelines for re- opening. The club and its volunteer board would benefit greatly from an act that would protect them from any potential liability related to COVID-19, providing they continue to follow public health guidelines during the pandemic.

For more information on what the Government of BC has enacted to protect amateur sport volunteers in its province, click the link below to read a recent article from a newspaper, The Chronicle Herald in British Columbia.

I look forward to your prompt response.

Thank you:    [Name]



For a list of current MPPs and their contact information, visit:

Cheers,Doug Miller
General Manager