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    Notice and Agenda of the Annual General Meeting

    gavelThe Annual General Meeting of the Members of the Tam Heather Curling & Tennis Club will be held on MONDAY, THE 28th DAY OF SEPTEMBER, 2020, at 7:00 pm for the following purpose:

    1. Acceptance of Minutes of Annual General Meeting held September 23rd, 2019, copy of which accompanies this notice
    2. Director's Reports
    3. Review and adopt the Financial Statements for the year ended April 30th 2020, copy of which accompanies this notice
    4. Elect Directors
    5. Confirm the Acts of the Directors for the preceding year
    6. Transact such business as may come before adjournment

    The meeting will be held in virtually.
    Dated at Scarborough, Ontario this 15th day of September, 2020.

    By Order of the Board of Directors.

    Dennis Welbanks
    President, Board of Directors


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    NOTICE to Members:

    • Two (2) positions were vacant for the upcoming Board of Directors' term.
    • Each of the incumbent directors has agreed to stand for re-election for the positions of House and Tennis Liaison.
    • No further nominations were received by the August 30th deadline, so there will be no nominations from the floor at the A.G.M.